Gardening With Us – Welcome!

Welcome to The Vermont Wildflower Farm’s New ‘Gardening With Us’ Blog, an exciting online forum designed to share our wildflower gardening experiences, tips, how-to articles, advice and answer any questions you may have. Like the Vermont Wildflower Farm itself, our blog is a place for discovery, insight, and fun! As an enhancement to your overall experience with both our Retail & Garden location and Website – we’ve gathered stories, observations, photos, extensive gardening tips on all the subjects you could possibly want and more which we hope will give you complete access to everything we offer as well as everything we know (which is ‘wildly’ overwhelming!)

Visit us often to read notes from the field, browse our photos and videos, hear the latest gardening trends, and keep up on ‘what’s new’ at the Vermont Wildflower Farm. Blog postings will be made primarily by us but we also have several guest writers lined up who will share articles and stories about their passion for gardening. And of course, we want to hear your comments, stories, inspirational garden journeys, favorite gardening stories, tips, photos, and more. We hope you’ll enjoy our new community designed to promote gardening and pique your curiosity for the beautiful world of flowers and all that it brings.

Very Truly Yours,

Chris and Diana Borie, Owners – Vermont Wildflower Farm

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