Happy Earth Day! Things to Do and What We Are Not Doing!

It’s been 42 years since the first time Earth Day was recognized and celebrated in 1970 and 22 years since Earth day has been noted on a  global scale. This Earth Day we are not offering any specials. We have decided that Earth Day is not about us and increasing our business by using Earth Day as a sale or promotional opportunity - it’s about the Earth, recognizing our impact on the environment and participating in activities that are beneficial to the cause. So, here are a few activities that you can do or participate in, even if you think you’ve exhausted every way to honor Earth Day, check out these things to do that will bring attention to giving back to the environment, instead of just taking.

- Walk around your town or city and pick up trash

- Plant a tree

- Start a compost pile

- Prepare the ground to plant a garden so you can use your compost pile

- Watch the sunrise or sunset

- Take a walk on the beach

- Take a hike in the woods

- Ride your bike or walk to work

- Pledge to start recycling

- Go bird watching

- Take a photo of nature

- Eat a meal outside

- Wear a flower in your hair

-Attend a local Earth Day celebration

- Buy some reusable shopping bags

- Swap out your light bulbs with energy efficient ones

- Don’t use any appliances for the day

- Collect hazardous materials like paint and batteries around your house and dispose of them properly

-Join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

- Dance in the rain (that’s a fun one)   

- Get involved with your local environmental group

Happy Earth Day from Your Friends at Vermont Wildflower Farm

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